Universal Bank Reconciliation

Universal Bank Reconciliation

A simple cash flow management is the icing on the cake.

Cinple CBU is a financial software add-on which generates the right accounting entries in your accounting software from your home banking bank statements. It also offers an alternative mechanism of bank reconciliation.

Do not waste more time committing and correcting mistakes and save endless hours of repetitive work.


  • Categorize each accounting movement from the description in the bank statement or send it into a generic account to be worked afterwards in your accounting software;
  • Match bank transactions with previous receipts and payments in your checking accounts;
  • Constant synchronization with your accounting software.


  • Saving of 80-95% of the time spent in repetitive work;
  • Correct and timely accounting information;
  • Proper cash flow management from the bank statements;
  • Total reliability and safety.

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