Financial Simulation System

Financial Simulation System

Simulate the future of your project.

Cinple Prev allows you to run financial simulations that enable you to make the best decisions about your business. It gives you the means to predict what can happen if you decide, for example, to sell a new product or service, hire resources, change prices, etc.

Put your spreadsheets aside and trust a system that treats your project as if it were already real.


  • Making the right financial decisions;
  • Quickly building your prediction through simple to use algorithms;
  • Predicting, in a quickly and easy way, your business: sales, purchases and inventory, fixed and variable costs, wages, taxes and investments.


  • Make your project in a quick and easy way;
  • See at a glance the expected profitability and cash flow of your future business;
  • Analyse your project through the same mechanisms that you already use to analyse your business accounting as if it had already been implemented.

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Financial Simulation System